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Board of Directors

Lisa DesBoine-Murray_Business Headshot.jpg

Lisa DesBoine-Murray

In June of 2000, Lisa 

founded Duchess Nannies & Domestics, parent company of

Nannies From the Heart.

With office locations

in Washington DC, Maryland and

Texas, Lisa provides Household Management solutions to a variety of clientele, along with job placements backed by in-depth training, to Domestic Staff.


Over the course of 20+ years, Lisa has remained an active supporter of several Private Service professional organizations. This has granted her the distinct pleasure of being a former Advisory Board Member with the Nanny Magazine, a guest webinar speaker for the Association

of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA)

Diversity Series, is a current volunteer with the APNA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Committee, has held membership with the renowned International

Nanny Association (INA), and

remains a highly sought mentor and consultant to new agency owners.

Within her community

she loves teaching “Etiquette is Cool” to entrepreneurial

youth programs.


Along with hundreds of hours of continuous industry

training, Lisa studied Business

Administration at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).


Undoubtedly, the greatest role Lisa holds is ‘momma’; it remains the most humbling and

rewarding. She is blessed with four remarkable adult

children, in addition to, five beautiful grandchildren. They are her steadfast inspirations

and the reason she remains passionate about

assisting clients and domestic staff to connect, bond,

and grow.

Jacqeline Williams Prof Headshot_JUL2021.jpg

Jacqueline Williams
Co-Founder/1st Vice-President

Jacqueline Williams is founder and owner of five star nanny placement agency, A Mother’s Prayer Placement based in the Washington, DC area.


Formally educated in the DC area, she studied special education at the George Washington University. After working over 20 years as an educator in one of the local public school systems, she spent the next 10 years studying business before launching this company. 
In addition to her career in education, special education and business administration, she spent numerous years volunteering by serving disenfranchised children and their parents, counseling in a local community pregnancy center, volunteering as a camp counselor at a teen summer camp, teaching Sunday school at her church and serving as a volunteer administrator to the pastor and serving at several local food outreach programs.


Jacqueline has a passion for seeing people of all walks of life thrive, and she is always willing to find the avenues to give individuals in need a helping hand. Her agency supports several non-profit youth and children programs and she makes sure to personally volunteer several times a year with these organizations.

Jacqueline was a single parent raising her three children and a niece all while working and obtaining her education. This experience developed her passion for seeing families thrive.

Jacqueline likes to travel with her family during her spare time, as well as play with and read to her three grandchildren.

Dominique_Rice_ Headshot_JUL2021.jpg

Dominique Rice
Co-Founder/2nd Vice-President

Dominique Rice is a serial entrepreneur based in Charlotte, NC. She founded a nationwide nanny Agency in 2012, at

the young age of 22 years old. Dominique didn’t stop there she then acquired a franchise of College Nannies,Sitters

and Tutors in 2017. Dominique used her savvy business skills to grow this company and sold it in December 2019.


After successfully selling one of her babysitting services Dominique uses her proven business skills to help small and mid size companies grow and scale. Dominique has been an investor and part owner of close to half dozen other businesses.

Dominique is also passionate about helping the community around her.

She has recently hosted The Dominique Rice Blood Drive in partnership with The Community Blood Center of the Carolinas, the blood donated went directly

to people in the Charlotte area. She is especially passionate about Sickle Cell patients and thrives to educate African Americans about the importance of blood donation.

She is also an active sponsor of foundations such as, The

Isabella Santos Foundation and The Sandbox which both work closely with childhood Cancer patients.


In her free time, Dominique enjoys traveling, horseback riding, and spending time with her sports oriented family. At any time you can find her enjoying a hot yoga, supporting her cousin and uncle’s basketball teams. By creating a great work-life balance is able to achieve personal and professional success.

Stephanie Bauchum_Prof_Headshot_JUL2021.jpg

Stephanie Bauchum
Nanny Relations Chair/
Public Relations Co-Chair

Stephanie Bauchum is a business owner, former professional nanny and household manager with over 14 years of experience in the private household staff industry. With a background and bachelor's degree in music, Stephanie taught early childhood music classes, which opened the door to the nanny industry. Traveling worldwide with families, Stephanie developed a heart for nannies and created the first full apparel line for nannies and caregivers, Nanny Tees.


From hosting luxury self care events for caregivers, creating custom self care boxes, and offering online resources, Nanny Tees has become a global brand shipping merchandise worldwide. Stephanie has been featured on multiple blogs and platforms including The Broadcast, Good Morning Texas, Sittercity, D Magazine and most recently a Facebook campaign highlighting those who care.


With a heart for connecting professional nannies with loving families, Stephanie launched The Mtoto Agency, a nanny and home staff placement agency. 
From hosting events, love for music, travel, spending time with family, and trying new food, Stephanie strives to encourage others to live a life of genuine joy and gratitude.

Ruka Curate_Prof_Headshot_JUL2021.JPG

Ruka Curate
Ethics Chair/
Fundraising Co-Chair

Ruka is the serial mompreneur behind Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency, a nationwide household staffing firm and she knows just how important having a connection is when pairing a nanny with a family. Finding the perfect fit not only gives parents peace of mind but provides a stable and enriched environment for children in the childminder’s care.


A nanny herself for over 14 years, now that Ruka is ‘Mom’ to a beautiful little girl, she has an even deeper understanding of how to match childcare providers with the right family. With insight on both sides, she has been successfully connecting families with nannies and babysitters for a very long time.


When she is not playing matchmaker to parents and nannies, Ruka is busy working on her Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion firm with her partner Yvonne Davenport or working on her monetary wedding registry to help couples get married.


Ruka is also a board director with the International Nanny Association.

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