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Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline Williams is founder and owner of five star nanny placement agency, A Mother’s Prayer Placement based in the Washington, DC area. Formally educated in the DC area, she studied special education at the George Washington University. After working over 20 years as an educator in one of the local public school systems, she spent the next 10 years studying business before launching this company. 
In addition to her career in education, special education and business administration, she spent numerous years volunteering by serving disenfranchised children and their parents, counseling in a local community pregnancy center, volunteering as a camp counselor at a teen summer camp, teaching Sunday school at her church and serving as a volunteer administrator to the pastor and serving at several local food outreach programs.

Jacqueline has a passion for seeing people of all walks of life thrive, and she is always willing to find the avenues to give individuals in need a helping hand. Her agency supports several non-profit youth and children programs and she makes sure to personally volunteer several times a year with these organizations.
Jacqueline was a single parent raising her three children and a niece all while working and obtaining her education. This experience developed her passion for seeing families thrive.

Jacqueline likes to travel with her family during her spare time, as well as play with and read to her three grandchildren.

Contact Jacqueline


Phone& Text: 301.744.9267


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